A book we recommend to new students? English Grammar in Use is a must!

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English Grammar in Use is a book that e recommend our students get when they start their English classes at Oxford English Academy. It works well in conjunction with our Oxford English Online grammar app.

Students, who come to learn English with us at Oxford English Academy, often ask what extra resources or books they should buy to supplement their course. Most courses will follow a course book such as New English File or New Headway , both from Oxford University Press. These course books have been carefully designed and laid out to allow students to build up their language from A1 level to C2 level. I do however believe that it is a good idea to also have a decent dictionary such as the Oxford English Dictionary and a language reference book such as Raymond Murphy’s Grammar in Use.

Grammar in Use was first published in 1985 by Cambridge University Press and has been a firm favourite with English foreign language teachers and students since then. Raymond Murphy has written almost 20 books, but Grammar in Use is by far his most well-known publication.  The book is fantastic for a number of reasons:

Why English Grammar in Use?

  • The language and grammar explanation are simple and easy to understand.
  • There are examples of how grammar is used in spoken language.
  • There are pictures to help with understanding.
  • Despite being a grammar book, there are also very useful vocabulary sections, with phrasal verbs being my favourite.
  • There is even a chapter with spelling rules, which are very useful.
  • You can purchase a self-study edition that comes with a CD and all the answers.
  • You can get the app which has self-marking exercises and listening elements as well.
  • There are also other editions for lower and higher level students.

When you learn English, your school, English classes and teacher will have a big influence on your language learning process.  I do however feel that students should take ownership of their learning and using English Grammar in Use, is a perfect way to this. So make the investment in yourself and get ready to reap the rewards. Happy learning!