Due to the popularity of my last post, I thought we could have a look at some more English grammar and language memes.  Memes depict grammar mistakes in a funny and light-hearted way and are a great way to remember a particular point.

I wrote a post before about the beloved Oxford Comma. This topic lends itself beautifully to a meme because there are so many ridiculous and hilarious results that come from its use and misuse. In the example below, one can see that an Oxford comma can help to make a list of items more obviously unrelated. If you don’t use the comma, it appears that the last two items in the list (the names of the presidents), actually belong to the rhinoceroses.

Oxford English Academy The Oxford Comma

Prepositions are something that can cause headaches for those learning English. Often they seem to be nonsensical and arbitrary, much to the frustration of English students. They are easier to learn in a context or as a fixed phrase and the meme below shows just such an example.  It is correct to say that one gets on the plane, but if one was to actually do this, the safety of the flight would be questionable!

Oxford English Academy Preposition Meme 1

Lastly, this is an English mistake that is made so often. The words ‘to’ and ‘too’ are often confused and one can understand how this could happen. We put together an infographic about this confusion and the distinction is clearly explained. In the meme below, it appears as if something is not very funny but that somebody is going towards or on the way to find funny, which is a person or place. What an absurd scene!

Oxford English Academy Too vs To Meme

Do yourself a favour and go and look at the hilarious English grammar and language memes out there. There might be times where you’re not sure what they’re about, but by doing research and asking your English teacher, you are bound to learn something new, and have a good laugh!