English courses in Cape Town are a great choice for those looking to learn English abroad. In this post I will discuss learning English in the Southern Hemisphere. And then I will let you know why English courses in Cape Town are great for so many reasons.

English Courses in the Southern Hemisphere

When looking at the Southern hemisphere there are a few countries that spring to mind immediately. Firstly there is  Australia and secondly there is New Zealand. According to a student survey done in the ST Magazine  44% of students who travel abroad to Australia come from Asia. One can understand that geographically this is a sensible choice. The main reason is that for most students Australia is just too far. Latin American students make up 24% of the market. The majority indicated that current or future work is their reason for wanting to learn and improve the English.

English Courses in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand tends to be in the shadow of its bigger sibling Australia. But don’t overlook it as a serious English learning destination. Similar to the Australian market, it is generally made up of Asian students. According to ST Magazine: “The highest growth by sector came from English language schools, which welcomed an additional 2,532 visa students – a 16 per cent increase. There was significant growth in language students from Japan (+17%), China (27%), Thailand (32%) and Brazil (16%). Japan remains the largest source market for New Zealand’s ELT schools, and ENZ said that the growth could reflect Japanese government initiatives to improve English language skills and promote overseas study and New Zealand activity in the market.”

English Courses in Cape Town

South Africa has experienced a lot of visa issues in the last two years. This has meant that students could not apply for more than a 90 day tourist visa. This played havoc with the English language learning sector. English language schools in Cape Town certainly have our work cut out for us in order to start competing globally. Agents and students need to be made aware of what an incredible destination it is and all it has to offer. Firstly I have found that students tend to be a little skeptical about learning English in an African country. However, I do believe that slowly but surely the mind set will change and once you add in the affordability of our country, we have a winning recipe. Next time let’s look at how exactly it happened that we are a native English speaking country.

Cape Town as a Destination

Travel and Leisure Magazine has ranked the top cities to live in recently, and Cape Town can in the top 10. Cape Town has been ranked at number nine, based on the public’s vote via surveys. The criteria for the list was based on sights and landmarks, culture and arts, restaurants and foods, people and their friendliness, shopping and the overall value of the city.

Cape Town Has History, Culture and Delicious Food

Sights and landmarks in Cape Town are abundant, catering to all tastes. From the incredible nature that surrounds the city, to the beautiful buildings that incorporate an eclectic mix of the past and as well as all things modern, Cape Town is truly a picturesque city to live in.

The arts and culture scene of Cape Town is recognised universally, and its position on a world- scale represents the highly talented and uniquely skilled individuals whose contribution to the art world is innovative and significant. Travelling around Cape Town, one encounters all types of art, from the striking graffiti found on buildings, to the brightly painted houses of Bo Kaap.

The restaurant scene in Cape Town is a foodie’s delight. The city offers the widest range of culinary treats to satisfy all tastes and flavours. New restaurants and cafes open all the time. And they push the boundaries of culinary skills and appetites. You can have anything from Cape Malay, to Dutch, to South African, to Indian cuisine and everything in between.

Cape Town is a Friendly PLace

The citizens of Cape Town, whether foreigners or locals, are welcoming and friendly, eager to help those visiting Cape Town. This can be seen by the way in which Capetonians love to wave at the tourists who travel around on the red double-decker buses, calling out greetings. The beautiful malls of Cape Town, which contain outdoor areas that celebrate nature, also contribute to the reason why Cape Town is a shopper’s paradise.

The overall value of the city lies in its charm and uniqueness. Individualism is celebrated and accepted; contributing to why it rightly deserves a place on the list of top cities in the world.

So Why English Courses in Cape Town?

As well as having an English school in Oxford, Oxford English Academy has a school in Cape Town. It has with two campuses, in the heart of the stunning city. As with Oxford, there are so many great things about learning English in Cape Town. And below are a few of my top reasons.

English Courses in Cape Town for the best Weather, Scenery and Activities

As mentioned above, Cape Town is a tourist’s dream. The weather is fantastic. The summers are long and the winters are generally mild. This means any time of the year is a good time to come and learn English in Cape Town.

The scenery in and around Cape Town is second to none. There are mountains, white sandy beaches, lovely architecture and greenery as far as the eye can see.

The activities that you can take part in are plenty and extremely varied. You can take a safari, a helicopter flip or a ride on a sand board. Or go shopping for designer goods, buy authentic African curious and buy reasonably priced diamonds and gold. There are also so many different museums and watch all kinds of theatre or opera. There really is something for everybody.

English Courses in Cape Town are very High Quality

Lastly, the quality of language tuition is as good as in the UK or the USA. Our teachers are all native English speakers. They are qualified and experienced to teach English to foreigners. In addition English surrounds when you leave the classroom because English is the main language of South Africa.

Our English school in Cape Town is a great choice for those wanting to learn English abroad. Contact us today to book your course and then prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.