English class with Oxford English Academy is a great way to learn quality English. If you search the internet you will find endless results for websites and pages that claim to help you learn English. In fact, if you type the words “Learn English” into Google you will get more than 100 million results.

English class with Oxford English Academy is a great way to learn English. We're internationally accredited, use blended learning and offer courses abroad.

Which English Class to Choose?

Sifting through more than 100 million different pages will take you a lifetime, or longer. So, how do you know which websites to trust? Look for trusted reviews and pages with recent updates. But most importantly, look for accredited and certified websites. For example, Oxford English Academy was recently ASIC accredited and this means that the schools and all our content is up to international standards.

Not only does this give you peace of mind but it also something more. It also guarantees that what you are learning is useful in the real world.

English Class and TECHNOLOGY

At Oxford English Academy we encourage our students to use as many different techniques as possible. We believe this is how they will acquire their desired results in English language learning. When students use books, media, the internet, videos and more, they are experiencing the language in a more realistic way. This, in turn, results in a more practical and useful grasp of the language.

This technique is known as blended learning and we have transformed all of our classrooms to allow for the comfortable blended learning experience that students seek nowadays.

English Class Abroad

Don’t be lazy. You may be lucky and afford the opportunity to travel to one of our campuses in South Africa or England or one of the many other campuses we have. If this is the case, don’t make the commitment to travel all the way to another country just to sleep late and do the bare minimum to appease the staff. Remember learning a language is for your benefit and will open up your World. So, don’t be complacent and take such amazing opportunities for granted.

Oxford English Academy will be here to help you every step of the way, so once you have decided that now definitely is the best time for you to learn English, then drop us a line and let us help you.