In Friday’s blog post I wrote about Gijs, one of our marketing interns, who completed his internship at Oxford English Academy Cape Town. Keeping within the theme in today’s blog post, I will tell you a little about what Daan Huisman has been up to during his time here at the school. Daan joined us in February this year for a four month events planning internship. Within his first week here he took full responsibility of our social programme, ensuring that our students are well entertained after hours.

However Daan needed to plan a bigger, more specific event as well. And so the idea of ‘Eat for Maitland’ was born. Maitland refers to the Maitland Cottage Children’s Hospital in Newlands. After visiting the hospital Daan decided that he wanted to do a fundraiser in aid of the clinic. He came up with the concept of having our students prepare a dish from their home country which they will then present to ticket holders on the day. This will not only (hopefully!) raise funds for the hospital, but will also give our students the opportunity to practise their new English skills. They are requested to be able to explain what the meal consists of, what time of day it is generally consumed and why they chose to cook the dish. Along with the ticket money, Daan also secured sponsors to donate prizes for the raffle he is organising beforehand. Companies such as the Table Mountain Cableway, Two Ocean’s Aquarium, Active Coaches and Enchanted Guest House have all been generous in their offerings.

I asked Daan what he hoped to achieve with the event, to which he replied: “I really want to try and make a difference in these children’s lives. I also thought this could be a great opportunity for the students (who went to visit the school with Daan), to help the less fortunate in South Africa during their stay here.” Daan has expressed his hope that Oxford English Academy will make the event a biannual occurrence. The school would like to thank Daan in advance for all his efforts and will most definitely endeavour to have the event occur on a regular basis.