Easy way to Learn English? You may not believe me.  Especially because if you’ve learnt any English grammar you will know that there are so many exceptions to the rule. And English pronunciation can also be incredibly baffling! Please don’t despair! Learning English is easy if you take away the stress and add lots and lots of fun! Below are a few ideas to make learning English easy:

Easy way to learn English? It is easier than you think. Do it with lots of fun, good friends and even literature and drama.

Easy Way to Learn English with Friends

Set up a bet with friends who are also learning English. You can all put in an amount of money and then the winner of the bet takes the money at the end. Then you could make the bet something simple like who can learn the most words or something bigger like who can get the best score in an IELTS exam. There’s nothing like some healthy competition and monetary motivation to make learning English easy!

Easy Way to Learn English with Fun

Try to speak English with a funny accent. You could try to mimic a British accent or even an Australian or South African accent. You will learn so much about pronunciation and see that learning English is easy when you are laughing your head off and having fun!

Memorise some English jokes and hold a comedy evening for your friends. Your English learning will benefit in that you will be committing vocabulary to memory and you will be gaining confidence by using English in front of people.

Easy Way to Learn English with Literature and Drama

Have a dinner party where people dress up in their favourite English literature character. Then ask people to guess who each character is. You will improve your English easily because you will be researching about something you are interested in and will be speaking to other people about what you’ve learnt. Add some good food and wine and there will be many hours of fun had by all.

Learning English is easy if you change your mind set. Get rid of all the misconceptions of difficult grammar and impossible pronunciation and have fun! And don’t forget that Oxford English Academy is the best school to help you master English.