Easy English learning? Is there such a thing? It is easy to overthink what needs to be done when learning a language. We think that we need to do so much and learn everything otherwise people won’t understand us. While there are certain things that are essential to being understood, there are a lot of things that you can do to make learning English easier.

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Easy English Learning in 5 simple steps? You can use an app, go to an English country, make English friends, listen to English music or watch English movies

Easy English Learning with a fun, friendly app

My favourite app is still Duolingo. It has one of the best layouts. It’s really simple to get the hang of.  And it takes you through all of the most important vocabulary. The whole thing feels like a bit of a game so you won’t get bored or easily tired of it.

Easy English Learning in an  English-speaking country

I have mentioned this before in a post and it is definitely the best way to learn. There is so much information that our minds pick up while we are not aware. So just being in an English-speaking country will make a big difference to your English knowledge. Come to Cape Town for example

Easy English Learning with English friends

Whether you are in an English-speaking country or not, this is a possibility. The internet is there for those of you that can’t travel and the people are out there for those of you that can. Go out and meet people and practise your English. Go make some English-speaking friends.

Easy English Learning with English music

I learn new vocabulary by listening to music and I am a native speaker. There is enough music out there (in English) to keep your ears busy for many lifetimes. Find something you like, put it on repeat and expand your vocabulary.

Easy English Learning with Books, Games, Videos and so much more

The news is also full of correct sentences and proper English.  But it can be a bit boring or political so that one is your choice. But I have heard many stories about students who have learned so much from games that I am recommending it here. There are also English books and an endless supply of movies, TV shows and series’ that you don’t really have an excuse.

Easy English learning is possible. Get out, practise, learn something new, but most of all go out there and have fun.