Last week I wrote my blog post about a few sporting activities you may want to add to your “to-do” list while you are here in Cape Town. Learning to surf or windsurf might not be your thing, especially if you don’t want to brave our chilly Atlantic Ocean. Staying on land can be just as much fun and you can enrich your time here with your feet safely on ground.

Consider yourself a bit of an artist? Life Art School offers a variety of courses to suit your needs. There are options like “learn to paint in 32 days” as well as shorter courses like their 2 day workshop. You can specialise in learning to paint portraits or abstracts. Take a look at the blog on their website because it is an interesting read and a great way to practice your English reading and comprehension.

For an overview of various different art schools and private classes go to Art Training’s website. The site keeps you updated about all the current happenings and trends in the artworld in and around Cape Town and the entire Western Cape.

Learning to cook can be a wonderful way to meet new people and yes, of course, practise your English! If you don’t want to do an extensive course and would rather have fun with your friends, please try The Bo-Kaap Cooking Tour . According to their website they offer “an educational, fun experience encompassing inspiring insights into the Cape Malay culture in Bo-Kaap from a culinary perspective.   Your host and guide Zainie will entertain you with stories of the food and culture of Bo-Kaap whilst cooking up a storm in her kitchen!” After your class, you will all sit down together and enjoy the scrumptious food you have prepared.

Another unique experience is Food Jams in Woodstock. Celebrity chef Jade de Waal offers an exciting and fun time spent cooking up a storm in small teams. Each team gets a recipe as well as all the ingredients. There is lots of help and assistance around, but generally the only rule is: there are no rules! You are left to get as creative as you want and produce a delicious meal. Here too you will all sit down to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There are so many options in Cape Town that I can carry on for days. You never need to be concerned about the entertainment factor while you are here. Each activity will leave you enriched and I can guarantee you will have surprised yourself a few times. So, get out there and double up on your learning experience!