The time has flown by so quickly. December school holidays and celebrations have come and gone in the blink of an eye.

There is a park opposite our house and school children play there when they come home from school. When exams are in progress the park is virtually empty. I love listening to their voices and boisterous games reminding me of my childhood days.

It is quite amusing to listen to them speaking in English and then mixing it with the Afrikaans language. Mind you, they don’t speak that way all of the time. Children are resilient and do what makes them feel good. However, they understand one another perfectly. They all have cell phones and internet access. In my younger days we didn’t dream of such technology that was still to come.  Nowadays they can find information before you can even say “Jack Robinson.”

We played games passed down from past generations and sometimes we invented our own games. It is amusing that children will do anything to put off doing their homework to rather go play outside. They would leave homework for the last minute. “Mommy I have a project to do for homework, it must be in by tomorrow.”  Mother then nearly burst a blood vessel so angry she gets.

Shopping for school uniforms, books, stationery, etc is quite a feat. Children tagging along behind mothers, and sometimes fathers, they cry from fatigue and frustration with all the fittings and they just want to stop, sit down, and have something to eat and drink. But they are told to keep quiet until everything is bought then they can have refreshments. Some children throw tantrums and bawl their eyes out until their parents lose patience.

Once everything is done they are taken to one of the popular fast food restaurants and after replenishing themselves they are back to being even tempered, happy, well behaved children. What a lovely transformation! And parents can have a well deserved rest.

After that, children have a few more days to enjoy themselves before the holidays are over. Then they have to prepare to start school in a new grade.  Hopefully all of them have passed.