A friend of mine from Europe was very disgusted to see a picture of a bare chested Santa Claus in his swim suit. “What is this?!” he proclaimed loudly, “Santa is naked!”

If you hail from the Northern Hemisphere this will indeed be a very strange sight for you. Christmas in a warm climate goes against almost all that the holiday is about: snow, terrible sweaters, cosy fireplaces etc. However, for us here in Cape Town it is pretty much how we know it. The holidays to us mean beaches, outdoor barbeques (braai in South African lingo), swimming and sunshine. So what can you do if you are here over the festive season and are excited at the thought of Summer Santa?

I have previously written about the many markets (https://oxfordenglishglobal.com/christmas-time-in-oxford/) you can visit in and around the city and during this time of year they probably double in number! A fun one to go to is the Cape Town Food and Gift Fair held at the Castle of Good Hope . While you are there you may as well explore the historical site as it is a top attraction in the city. Entry if free and you can expect lots of food trucks, food stalls and craft stalls selling little gifts for your loved ones. From genuine leather products to clothing and toys, there is something for everybody.

One of the nicest experiences during summer is the open-air theatres that pop up and show old movies. There are various venues in and around the peninsula and my favourite is probably the one in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Check out the Galileo open Air Cinema website (www.TheGalileo.co.za) for the line up. You can buy your ticket to include a blanket and chair, which I would recommend as it makes the evening super comfy! There will be food available to buy or you can pack your own picnic and have a feast under the stars while you watch the big screen.

Even if you do not necessarily celebrate Christmas and will not be with family but would like to treat yourself for the day, check out Cape Town Magazine’s suggestions of lovely places to go for lunch or dinner (http://www.capetownmagazine.com/christmas ). Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to find everyone in great spirits enjoying the lovely weather and making the most of the holiday time…even if it means seeing Santa in board shorts clutching a surfboard!