At Oxford English Academy we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide a solid support base to our students. We believe in making the students feel more like a member of our family than a customer. By the time you leave you will have made friends for life; I can guarantee that you will stay in touch not only with fellow students, but also with our staff. We choose our staff carefully, ensuring that every person loves what they do and can assist our students with their every need.

We have several key staff members in place to ensure that each student has a rich, rewarding experience. One of the most important positions at our Cape Town branch is that of the Student Services Coordinator. You can approach her with any question you might have. Not sure where to buy credit for your phone, she can help. Need to open a bank account, she can help. Need a doctor, dentist, optometrist or pharmacist, you’ve guessed it, she can help! On your first day she will help orientate you at the school, showing you important places like where to make coffee and where your class is.

As your days pass here at the school you may have some questions regarding your classes, your level or may perhaps need some assistance in getting you signed up for an external exam. Who do you approach? Each of our schools has a qualified and experienced Director of Studies (DOS) who ensures that our students get the best tuition money can pay for. They develop and plan our curriculums, hire the best suited and qualified teachers and keep track of every student’s individual progress. If you need additional advice with regards to what your best course of action will be academically, make an appointment with the DOS and they will advise you to the best of their ability.

Arriving in a foreign country and moving in with a new ‘family’ is mostly an enriching experience where you learn just as much as you do in the classroom. If by the slightest chance you have an issue or query regarding your homestay, our Accommodations Manager is always on hand to help. She has been known to help out 24/7 if needs be. She has built up an incredible network of host families who all endeavour to add to our student’s experience. She knows our hosts personally and will assist you with any query you might have, no matter how big or small.

Having mentioned just three of the predominant roles within our schools I would like to point out that everyone working at Oxford English Academy has been trained to assist our students. Our goal is to make sure that each and every student has an unforgettable English-learning experience.