Let’s face facts, Cape Town is a destination. Once you have decided to study English at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town you will most probably have to take a pretty long flight to reach this amazing city. Tired and surely a little jet-lagged you may arrive in serious need of a strong cup of flavoursome coffee. South Africa may not be a top coffee producing country, but we certainly do know how to make a good cup!

As I learnt in Italy, how you order is of the essence! Merely muttering the word latte produced a large cup of boiled milk, to my dismay. After a long day of traveling it really did not hit the spot! I learnt the importance of the small word caffe very quickly! If the urge for caffeine is a strong one you may even buy a cup at the airport upon your arrival. Here you will discover Vida e Cafe, a coffee chain that supplies coffee to the masses in South Africa. You will find these shops all over Cape Town, ready to serve you a consistent caffeine kick.

Looking for something a little more unique? Kamili Coffee situated a mere 3 minute walk from our upper campus on Long Street offers an incredible roast that will soon have you addicted. Conveniently they trade from within the City Sightseeing Hop On – Hop Off Offices. On your first day at Oxford English Academy we will most definitely introduce you to this gem in the heart of the city.

Also close to the school, in Church Street, is Deluxe Coffeeworks, who serves one of the strongest, most aromatic and expertly made cappuccinos I have ever tasted. I am usually so eager to drink their blend that I often need to order two, pretending I am spoiling a colleague to a ‘Deluxe’ treat! This is a coffee experience that you are not likely to forget.

No article on Cape Town or coffee would be complete without mentioning Truth Coffee  on Buitenkant Street. Some have called it the world’s best coffee and to tell you the ‘Truth’, it never disappoints. They serve incredible food along with their individual blend. Don’t get a fright when their massive steam powered roasting machine kicks into action!

If you are a coffee lover you should most certainly ask your teacher on the first day of English class how to order your preferred cuppa. Cape Town is definitely not only home to amazing food but it is also home to some delicious roasts to keep every caffeine addict well satisfied.