Cape Town English school? Well if you’re looking for adventure, then Cape Town is the place for you! Travelling to a new country to learn a new language or improve what you already know can be thought of as being a one-sided move. But it need not be. What if learning a language encapsulated adventure and excitement? Taking that idea and turning it into a reality is another thing altogether. But I’m sure we all speak a lot louder than our actions. Talk is cheap, as they say. This however is not true for Charlotte and Vincent from France.

Cape Town English school? It's not an obvious choice but if you're looking for fun, then it should be. Cape Town offers English courses and lots of fun!

The couple arrived in Cape Town, South Africa to learn English just like many other students. There are those who travel from all over the globe to do the same thing. Something was different about these two though. From their very first day with us they were asking questions like; “Where can I go hiking?” “Where can I go for a trail run?” and “Where can I buy a bicycle?”

Now of course when we travel to a new place, anywhere, we start off keen to learn about the area, the people and the culture. This lovely idea usually fizzles out with many students though.  They end up becoming complacent and lazing about, just doing the bare minimum. But you can’t really blame them. Because let’s be honest, learning a language does take a lot out of you. And that is no joke. It’s obviously achievable but it’s a big commitment all the same.

For those like Charlotte and Vincent, who are keen to come down here with the same impetus and are keen to know more from a foreigner’s perspective, I am very interested.  I sat them down and asked them some questions about their time in Cape Town. I wanted to find out why they chose us to learn English.

Why did you Choose a Cape Town English School?

We came here because we heard it was beautiful. A friend of ours was here about 3 years ago and he said that it is amazing and wonderful and basically, “you need to go.” In this time now, it is winter in Europe but here in Cape Town it is l.summer and it is good to be here now. There are a lot of natural and outdoor activities to do and because we enjoy doing these things we came here. Plus we can improve our English while we are here too at a Cape Town English school. Everything is actually perfect here for what we want to do.

How long  you stayed in Cape Town and for how long will you still stay here?

We have been here since January and will stay until June. It seems like it won’t be enough time because there is so much we want to do! We hope to travel around Cape Town but also into the rest of South Africa.

What have you done so far?

We have done two trail running events and one half-marathon. These are the organized events. We have done a lot by ourselves which has been great. We’ve hiked up Table Mountain many times, trying different routes every time, we have done [the very popular] Lions Head hike to the top, we have cycled Chapmans Peak Drive from Hout Bay to Noordhoek and all over the city as well. We have loved it. The weather is great and the scenery is amazing!

What has been one highlight of your trip?

Definitely Table Mountain, it was something we had heard a lot about before and we really wanted to go up. But not in the normal way, not with the cable car, we wanted to go hiking. Getting to the top is amazing. We loved all the different routes and also the prize you get for reaching the top. It really is breathtaking.

What would you recommend for others wanting to come here for thrill and adventure?

There is a lot to do, and there is a lot to do for free. You can hike, cycle and walk all over. Apart from all of the outdoor stuff there is also a lot to do in Cape Town. Like you can go to bars and clubs, there are activities on the beaches, in the streets all over the place, it really is great.

If you do want some more information on these things they mentioned some sites:

Any advice or tips that you have learned that you would like to pass on?

Get yourself a bicycle. We have been able to do so much and see so much because we bought bicycles. We use them all the time and we don’t have to pay for fuel, it’s great. Also there are lots of great tracks that you can use. I love the Sea Point Promenade. People are also used to cyclists here, which is good. You do however have to be careful on the major roads.

Cape Town English School for Adventure

As you can see it is not such a taboo subject, all this thrill-seeking and crazy adventure. If you enjoy nature and exploring the great outdoors for fun then Cape Town has more than enough for you to do. And for anyone that is thinking of coming to Cape Town to learn English, you may find yourself doing all sorts of other activities. A Cape Town English school is prefect for adventurous English learners! And don’t forget that Oxford English Academy can offer you all this and more!