Just now, I will be listing a collection of South African Slang. South Africa is country that trades professionally in English. We do however have 11 other official languages, including sign language. The colloquial English in South Africa has been adapted to create a general understanding between a diverse range of people from different cultures.

Cape Town is a fabulous place to learn English because it is a creative capital full of friendly, energetic and worldly people.

In South Africa, you will find an amusing mixture of slang from Cape Malay, Grassroots Africa to Colonial Renegades and surfers. Below is a list of the more commonly used slang in South Africa. You can study this list to improve your communication skills with people in Cape Town. Learning English requires that you practice your speech as much as possible.

Awe – A greeting or acknowledgement t – “Awe, it is good to see you.”

Yebo – Yes – “Yebo, I will see you tomorrow.”

Hayi – No. “Hayi, I don’t know where he is.”

Nooit – No. “Nooit, there is no surf today”

Lekker – Nice. “That restaurant is lekker for tapas.”

Braai – Barbeque. “Would you like to Braai with us on Sunday?”

Pap – Maize Porridge. “Tonight we are having pap and wors for dinner.”

Wors – Sausage

Bundu Bashing – Adventuring in the Bush. “Did you go Bundu bashing this weekend?”

Cold Drink – Otherwise known as a soda or juice. “Would you like a cold drink with your burger?”

Amanzi – Water. “Please may I have some amanzi.”

Rooibos – Red Bush, Health Tea without caffeine. “I would like Rooibos with no milk please.”

Bill – The cheque at a restaurant. “You may bring the bill please.”

Toyi Toyi – Protest or demonstration. “People are toyi toying outside parliament today.”

Robot – Traffic Light. “When the robot goes yellow, you need to slow down.”

Pavement – Sidewalk. “Rather walk on the pavement than in the road.”

Yoh! – Exclamation of surprise. “YOH! It is hot today!”

If you learn English in Cape Town you will find yourself being invited to a lot of ‘braai’s’. Now that you are kitted with some South African slang, you can go to a braai and blend into the conversation well. Yoh! That was a lot to take in, I think I need a nice cold drink.