Cape Town is a lively and exciting city and all our students who come to learn English at Oxford English Academy, fall in love with it. I find that students adore the combination of natural and urban, of seaside and mountain, of nightlife and culture. Our social programme, which allows students to see what our city has to offer, has always been very popular but I have noticed an interesting shift in the kinds of activities that students requests and prefer to attend.

Sports and extreme sports activities are growing rapidly in popularity as more and more people prefer a more natural ‘high’. And Cape Town has risen up admirably to meet these demands. In fact, there are even a lot of sporty things to do after dark, just to add to the drama and adrenalin.

Moonlight Mass is a night cycle that takes advantage of the lack of traffic after dark. Cyclists meet en masse in Green Point and cycle to Greenmarket Square. This is a gathering of conscious people who are concerned about community and the environment and you will always meet interesting characters who like to have fun.

Night Scuba Diving is probably not for everybody but is certainly an interesting option for ‘adrenalin junkies’. The oceans around Cape Town are teeming with sea life such as seals, fish and yes, sharks. So if you feel brave enough to come face to face with an apex predator, then you can give the Scuba Shack a call.

A Lion’s Head full moon hike is a wonderfully romantic after dark activity. The hike takes about an hour, depending on your fitness and you will meet lots of people on the way up and down. Once at the top the views of the city are spectacular and a picnic is highly recommended. We do always caution our students to go in a group but that won’t be an issue as our social programme often included this activity.

For our students, learning quality English is very important but they also choose Cape Town because of all the city has to offer outside of the classroom. Cape Town is a city that caters for all tastes. All you need to do is ask and you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy.