The Telegraph recently published an article crowning Cape Town as the best city in the world. It goes further and gives 22 reasons for this nomination. They list reasons such as our amazing beaches, the accessibility to wildlife, Robben Island and its history, whale watching and so forth.

The reason that caught my eye (if you consider my slight obsession with food) would be the cuisine. The article goes on to quote Chef Luke Dale-Roberts where he states that “Food in South Africa isn’t too defined by tradition and history. The cuisine is very diverse: everything from classic French and Afrikaans to a good, solid Malay curry.”

Cape Town most certainly plays host to some incredible eateries .One such a gem in the city centre where you can find the best samosas I have ever come across is Miriam’s Kitchen. These crispy little triangular shaped creations are mouth-watering, whether you choose the chicken or the beef. They are spicy and tasty, not too oily, not too much dough and has enough filling! Customers on the mobile app Zomato have rated this traditionally Cape Malay hot spot at 4 out of a possible 5. People know that if you are in the mother city you need to experience Mariam’s.

When you want to treat yourself and your friends or colleagues order the Steak Gatsby. It consists of a massive French Baguette style bread stuffed with steak, chips, salad and braised onion. It may sound like quite a concoction, but trust me and try it! You can also upgrade to the Steak, Cheese and Egg Gatsby. At a very reasonable price I can guarantee you that at least 3 to 4 people will be able to have their fill on this local sandwich.

Mariam’s is also one of not too many places serving a pretty good Salomie, this buttery roti filled wrap is delicious. You can choose from a variety of different curried fillings, there is even a vegetarian option. I like the fact that their curries are spicy but not to the extent that it makes your eyes water!

While you are there you may as well forget the diet completely and try their “koeksisters” for dessert. These deep fried, coconut covered dough balls are a treat and is loved by just about every Capetonian I know.

All over Cape Town you will find these totally local, totally South African gems. While you are here studying English please ask anyone who works at the school and we will be only too happy to show you where they are!