A British English school is a great place to learn British English. You may have already stumbled upon the innumerable websites, blogs, guidelines, apps and online courses to learn English. But have you thought of going back to school? A British English school that is? This is the best way to learn English!

A British English school such as Oxford English Academy in Oxford and Cape Town is the best for learning British English.

A British English School for Different Age Groups

The TEFL world generally revolves around adults, hence the word ‘back’ in ‘back to school’. However we do also have a number of younger students. The learn English for a number of reasons. Firstly, they might not have English as an option at school. Or secondly they are looking to do vacation courses to boost their knowledge. Learning English puts them a step ahead of everyone else.

At Oxford English Academy we have everything to make your school experience enjoyable. No matter your age, your level and, most importantly, no matter what your desires are with the English language.

Learn English at our Immersion British English School

Our schools in Cape Town, South Africa and in Oxford, England offer full immersion into the English language and this, of course, helps when learning at an English school. Our other schools around the globe are also amazing choices. This is due to the fact that you may not have to leave your country to go back to school. This makes the process of learning English easier and more accessible for many people.

Is a British English School the Best Way to Learn English?

A lot of people ask what the best way to learn British English is, and I couldn’t be more certain in my answer when I say that going back to school is far and away superior to all the options that are out there. In a school, you are pushed to achieve by your teachers and by your peers. You meet other people going through the same struggle as yourself and you get the opportunity to meet people in and around the school as well and of course you get to practice your English every day.

If you are having any doubt as to what your next step should be in your English language learning process, remember, it is never too late to go back to school.