21 year old Lisa Baltes from Germany is the final addition to our exciting new team of interns. Lisa describes herself as an open minded, creative individual who is set on improving herself in every aspect. She hopes to improve her English as well as gain working experience during her internship at Oxford English Academy. Welcome Lisa, we hope you have a memorable time with us!

On a sad note we also have to say good bye to our intern of the last few months, Yohann. He came to us from France and has thoroughly enjoyed his time here in Cape Town, trying to make the most of every day. I asked him what the highlight of his internship was to which he replied that he loved organising our Social programme, as it was a nice way for him to discover Cape Town as well. Yohann helped out with our groups from BEST in Reunion and mentions that as super fun too.

His English improved immensely while here at the school and he says he can now easily follow a movie in English and hold conversations with all the students. Meeting and learning about people from different cultures has been a pleasant surprise for Yohann. He explained that not being a native English speaker and trying to communicate with students from all over the world is a challenge at times, but a lot of fun can be had, it’s amazing how creative people can become when they need to. He has named quite a few of our students, interns and staff as people who have become dear friends to him and with whom he will most definitely keep contact in future.

I asked what advice he would give the new interns and after thinking a bit, replied that building a good, trusting relationship with the students is very important. He notes that good organisation is key when taking students on activities and that planning in advance is crucial.

Yohann will return to France to complete his studies before he embarks on another internship at the end of next year. We wish him all the best with all his future endeavours and hope that he will take what he has learnt at Oxford English Academy and use it skilfully.

Bon Voyage Yohann!