I’m always one to try something different and will seek out the weird and wonderful attractions in each new place I visit. If this something has to do with ghosts, ghouls and spirits, then you will find me first in line. Oxford has just such a tour called Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trails and when students learning English at Oxford English Academy in Oxford ask me what activity I can recommend, I always tell them about it.

Bill is a professional actor and his theatrical background is a big part of what makes this tour so effective and enjoyable. He comes dressed in Victorian costume and weaves tales about Oxford, tells jokes, performs magic tricks and even ‘communicates with the dead’.  Just be aware that you might be drawn into his performance to participate as his tour is very interactive. He is extremely knowledgeable about Oxford and the historical aspect of the tour is second to none. It may be a ghost tour that will ensure that you never look at Oxford streets in the same way again, but you will learn a lot about Oxford.

The weather can often put a dampener on a lot of outdoor activities in Oxford. Often people want to hibernate when it’s cold and rainy but I highly recommend doing Bill Spectre’s Ghost Trails in just this type of weather. The weather greatly adds to the spooky atmosphere and you might find your adrenalin levels spiking as Bill ‘conjures up’ ghosts from the past. Although this tour is recommended for both adults and children, be warned that there are some genuine frights and scares.

So for those like me, who enjoy the macabre and are also fascinated by history, then I suggest that you add Bill’s tour to your Oxford itinerary. For only £8 for adults, it really is worth every penny.