So what’s the best way to learn English easily? In my opinion the only way to learn English easily is to practise, practise and then to practise some more. But if you’re looking for more practical steps, then below are 3 different, novel and convenient ways to learn English easily.

Watch a fun television series in English

I’ve written before about the importance of fun in helping you to learn English easily. A show that I recommend is How I Met Your Mother because it is funny, has lots of authentic and colloquial language and has hilarious situations and characters. Try and watch an episode a day and make a note of any new vocabulary you come across.

Learn English online

There are many places where you can practise your English online. The Oxford English Academy guided learning system is fantastic because you are able to continue learning after you leave our school. There are also systems like Fluentify, should you not be able to take an immersion programme abroad. In this way you can choose a tutor, create a programme together with them and learn English online from the comfort of your own home.

Have a holiday fling

This is rather a novel but fun way to learn English. If you can meet someone you like who doesn’t speak your language while on holiday or even at your place of work or study, you could strike up a romantic relationship. You will find that love will take away the awkwardness and shyness and will motivate you to try and communicate with your partner at all costs.

Learning English is easy of you really want to do it. Remember that it doesn’t have to be tedious, boring or uninspiring. By injecting a little fun, convenience and romance into the process, you’ll find that you’ll be mastering the English language with ease. Happy learning!