Best online English courses are ones that enhance your English course substantially. Many students want to learn English online and I have written a number of posts about how to do this At Oxford English Academy we listen to what students need and want and therefore offer our own online learning platform. The programme is intended to assist students before, during and after their time with us in these three stages:Best online English courses help to enhance your course. Oxford English Academy offers Oxford English online which helps you to master English quickly.

Best Online English Courses are Available Before you Arrive

The first part of learning English online is our pre-arrival stage. This stage enables students to take a placement test, which will accurately place them in the correct level when they arrive at school. They are also able to contact the school to ask any questions and to see what their course will be like once they arrive. This enables students to be confident and prepared when they start their course.

Best Online English Courses Enhance your English Course

The second part of learning English online with Oxford English Academy is the study stage. During your time at one of our schools, you will be able to track your progress, receive extra work for your development areas and even practice grammar with the grammar app.

Best Online English Courses are Available after you Leave

The final part of your online learning journey is once you have left the school. The maintenance stage is a fantastic phase because it allows you to maintain and continue improving what you’ve learnt. You are able to continue learning with Oxford English Academy and in this way we become lifelong English-learning partners. And you know how I feel about ‘practice makes perfect’!

Lastly I want to mention another great feature of our online course. Once you have registered, you can link your Facebook account and build an English-learning community with your peers. In this way you can meet and interact with your classmates and even send English lessons to friends. I have mentioned before how to learn English with Social Media. 

Learning English online is the way forward in our modern era. And Oxford English Academy always stays abreast of technological developments and listens to what our students want. Happy e-Learning!