Best online English courses and resources? Obviously Oxford English Academy is a great school, with an online course. But you have a lot of other choices too! As I have mentioned in previous posts, technology is a wonderful way to learn English. I’ve written about using YouTube videos as well as free mobile apps and in today’s post I will be letting you know about some other interesting and useful resources.

Best online English courses and resources? The internet is full of great ways to learn English. And don't forget that Oxford English Academy is online too!

Best Online English Courses and Resources with Slide Share

Firstly, LinkedIn’s Slide Share has a wealth of information for English learners. The website contains PowerPoint presentations, videos and even whole course and reference books. You can use the search function to find exactly what you’re looking for. I searched for a comparison of present perfect and past simple and found a very useful presentation.

Best Online English Courses and Resources with with EDX

Edx is another fantastic website that offers free online courses from a variety of reputable institutions such as Harvard and Berkeley Universities. Once again, you can search for courses that might interest you. I searched for IELTS and found a great exam preparation course. The course runs for 8 weeks and they suggest that you will need 5 to 10 hours a week to complete it.

Best Online English Courses and Resources with Future Learn

Lastly, if you prefer British English and British institutions, then Future Learn will be the right fit for you. They offer free online courses from the British Council, King’s College London, the University of Sheffield and even Cambridge University. Here you will find many useful courses for if you are looking to learn English online and at your own pace. As with many of these types of websites, the courses are free but you can pay for a certificate of you wish. I searched for English and was shown a wide range of courses. I found a fantastic Business English course from the British Council.

These are just a few places to look for free resources. My suggestion, as always, is to take ownership of your learning and to explore all the resources available at your fingertips. Happy English learning!