Every few months at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town you will notice the noise levels rising by a few decibels and the average age of our students dropping considerably. The reason for this being that another lively group has arrived from one of our most trusted agents, BEST . Based in Reunion, they specialise in sending school groups, aged 12-18, across the world for an English learning experience they will never forget. As you know by now, Cape Town is the perfect destination for an immersed English adventure, so no wonder we are one of BEST’s top picks for the groups.

Accompanied by their experienced and skilled leaders, the group make their way to Cape Town via Mauritius. On arrival at the airport we ensure that each student is met by his or her new ‘family’ for the duration of their stay. It’s incredible to see the somewhat awkward teenagers hesitantly head off with their surrogate parents, only to have them in tears when they have to say farewell to them three weeks later, promising to keep in touch forever.

During their time in Cape Town the students follow an edu-tourism programme put together by our team. Every morning they spend three hours learning English in the classroom, practising their writing, speaking and even listening skills. Lunchtime they get to explore our beautiful city and sample the incredible cuisine that we have on offer around the school. As we’re located on Long Street the students really do have the city on their doorstep.

The afternoons are filled with a variety of activities from Table Mountain to ice-skating; we try to offer the group a combination of tourist, education and fun outings. When the students are asked what their highlights are it is most likely to include shopping at the Waterfront, shopping at Canal Walk and shopping at Cavendish Square! However, their amazement and excitement when a lion is spotted on safari or the amount of selfies taken with the penguins at Boulders Beach, proves that all round the students love Cape Town and all it has to offer. It is of no surprise to us when the next group arrives and in amongst the crowd we spot a few return students excitedly telling the first timers all about what to expect. Thank you BEST! You surely do brighten up our lives here at Oxford English Academy!

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