Oxford English Academy is the best English academy for lots of reasons. There's a good mix of nationalities as well as a feeling of support and learning.

Oxford English Academy has Mixed Students and Teachers

Oxford English Academy has spread its wings all over the globe. It has schools in Libya, Russia, China, Thailand and of course in Cape Town, South Africa and Oxford, England.

This means that we have an understanding of people from all different walks of life. At our school in Cape Town for example, our teachers have interesting backgrounds.  Although they all have English as their first language, often they are also experienced in other languages as well. Due to the blended history of South Africa a lot of the teachers have backgrounds that include places like Europe, the UK, Asia and the Middle East.

There is a sense in the school that we are almost running something akin to the UN in a sense that everyone is different, has different backgrounds, yet we have come together to all work for the same goals. In those goals, of course, comes English learning.

Oxford English Academy Teachers and Staff

All the staff at Oxford English Academy encapsulate the spirit of learning. As a result of this, the enjoyment and passion for the English language comes across strongly. This is one of the most positive things that an English school can have.  This spirit of academia is felt by all and most importantly by the students.

Oxford English Academy’s Atmosphere

The students that come to Oxford English Academy, whether it be in Cape Town, Oxford or one of the other schools around the world, feel that energy, that spirit and this aids in the learning process. We have had many students comment on that energy. Saying that they feel like Oxford English Academy is home, like they have been part of a family while being here and that they are always sad when they have to leave.

Oxford English Academy is more than just an English school, it is the next step to your future self.