If you’re learning English abroad in an English speaking country over the Christmas period, you might find yourself off for a few days. As this is a festive period, there will always be lots of fun activities to take part in. But this can also be an expensive and exhausting time, so watching a Christmassy movie is a great way to take a break from the spending and the festivities. In addition, watching English movies is a great way to practice your English! Below are a few of my favourite movies to watch:

  1. The Holiday is in the rom com (romantic comedy) genre and is about two women who swap houses between the UK and the US over Christmas. As the film is set in two English-speaking countries, it’s a great way to hear British English and American English dialogue.
  2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas  is a children’s film based on the famous Dr Seuss book. The script is fantastic because like the book it was based on, the characters speak in rhyme. This is great for learning pronunciation.  In addition it is a magical and weird story, which will keep you interested for the entire film.
  3. Love Actually is another rom com that is set around Christmas. It features many famous American and British actors and is set in London. Once again, you will have the chance to hear great British colloquial dialogue from different parts of the UK.
  4. Elf is one of my favourite Christmas movies and stars Will Ferrell as a man who grew up as a Christmas Elf with Santa Clause. It is a hilarious look at how he returns to New York City to meet his real father.

There are many more Christmas-themed films to watch to practise your English. Remember to watch them with the English subtitles on and to write down any new words or phrases so that you can learn the vocabulary at the same time. Enjoy the festive season from all of us at Oxford English Academy!