Beginner English lessons are useful because they teach you basic vocabulary. And if you want to learn English, then you need to learn about the weather. Whenever I teach my students weather vocabulary at Oxford English Academy, I am always amazed at what an abundant list there is. I think it stems from the tendency of the English to converse extensively on all things relating to the weather.

Beginner English lessons are most effective when you learn fixed phrases and vocabulary. Weather expressions are very useful when speaking to people in Oxford and in Cape Town.

Discussing the weather is a very useful ability for all students studying English, as it’s safe ground and an excellent conversation starter. I will help you learn some natural expressions to describe the weather.

Beginner English Lessons: Types of Wind

  1. Breeze: a gentle wind which is often nice and refreshing.
  2. Windy: continual wind.
  3. Gale: a very strong wind.
  4. Hurricane/cyclone/typhoon: a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce very strong winds and heavy rain.

Beginner English Lessons: Clear or Cloudy

  1. Bright: full of light; when the sun is shining strongly.
  2. Sunny: the sun is shining and there are no clouds.
  3. Clear: without clouds.
  4. Fine: not raining, clear sky.
  5. Partially cloudy: when there is a mixture of both blue sky and clouds.
  6. Cloudy: with many clouds in the sky.
  7. Overcast:  covered with cloud.
  8. Gloomy: (adjective) with dark clouds and dull light. Some people consider this weather depressing.

Beginner English Lessons: Types of Rain

  1. Rain: water that falls from the clouds in drops.
  2. Damp: slightly wet, often after the rain has stopped.
  3. Drizzle: to rain lightly with very fine drops.
  4. Shower: a short period of heavy rain.
  5. Downpour:  heavy rain.
  6. It’s raining cats and dogs: an idiom which means it is raining very heavily.

I hope that you found these expressions useful. And don’t forget that you can learn English in the city of Oxford or you can learn English in beautiful Cape Town. And here, you will be able to experience the weather for yourself!