Beginner English is defined by what a student can do at this level. At Oxford English Academy, we pride ourselves on the fact that we use the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference Language Learning) to evaluate a student’s level. There are four areas that we assess our students on, namely speaking, listening, reading and writing. The CEFR provides us with a strong guideline as to what is expected of a student at a certain level.

Beginner English is defined by what a student can do at this level. Oxford English Academy uses the CEFR to ensure that students are placed correctly.

“Can do” Statements for Beginner English Students

Beginner English Speaking

Firstly students can use basic greetings and leave taking expressions. Secondly they can interact in a simple way by asking and answering basic questions. Lastly they can ask and answer simple personal questions. Questions such as, “Hello, how are you?” or “What is your name?” Statements such as, “My name is John, what is your name?”

Beginner English Listening

Firstly the student can understand simple words and phrases. Secondly they can understand the days of the week and months of the year as well as understanding times and dates, as well as numbers and prices.

Beginner English Reading

The student can recognise names, words and phrases and knows and uses them to understand very simple sentences if there are pictures.

Beginner English Writing

The student can write about themselves and where they live using short, simple phrases.

At our school new students do a placement test on their arrival. In addition they conduct an oral interview with our Academic School Director. We do this to ensure that they are placed into the correct level. When you are at Beginner level you will have the opportunity to move to the next level, Elementary, when you write your first End of Cycle test. The test is every six weeks, testing your language skills in the four areas mentioned above. The teachers will assess you closely and based on your progress you will see yourself moving up the language ladder faster than you think!