Cape Town is a mixing bowl of cultures from all over the world, which makes it a fantastic place to study the depths of the English Language. This past weekend, 16th & 17th July, Franschhoek swelled with the excitement of the Bastille Festival, which is a weekend to pay tribute to the French Huguenots and the culture that they have contributed to South Africa.

This is what you’ll find at the annual Franschhoek Bastille Festival :

A celebration of culture: From as early as the 17th century the French Huguenots have laid the seeds for our future generations. Today we enjoy the harvest of delicious wines, gourmet food and the splendour and vigour of French traditions.

A food & wine marquee: Hosted at the Huguenot Monument in Franschhoek, you will find a party of people enjoying wine tasting, live music and delicious French snacks.

French fun & games: Imagine traditional Boules in a lush mountain setting and a unique and very popular contest of Wine-Barrell-Rolling across green pastures.

Farmer’s market: Cape Town loves markets and they form a creative hub for you to socialise and explore the local culture. The Marche de Franschhoek (Market of Franschhoek) is a uniquely French market. You can find Arts & Crafts, a wide variety of French-inspired eats and lifestyle products.

Sporting activities: If you enjoy trail running and would like to explore the mountains, the Franschhoek Bastille Festival also offers you a trail running event to work off the energy and feed the soul with sight – you can take part in 15-km, 25-km, 35-km and 50-km course trails. Tickets for trail running events are available here.

Tickets for the Franschhoek Bastille Festival: There are a limited amount of tickets available for the annual event. You can buy them through Webtickets and at the door on the day. If you browse the Webtickets website, you will find lots of other things to do while you are learning English in Cape Town.

Attending festivals and events in an English speaking country is a colourful and fun way to learn to speak English and make friendships. If you would like to find out more about studying English at the Oxford English Academy, please feel free to browse our site or send as an email with your questions.