Once upon a time there was a girl named Luciana. She lived in a beautiful city called Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She lived with her parents and brother in a small house, not far from Copacabana Beach. She had an idyllic childhood, playing with her friends on the beach, drinking Açaí juice in the small cafes along the beach front and visiting her grandparents in Belo Horizonte.

Luciana loved going to school and excelled at all her subjects. She showed a particular aptitude for languages and dreamt from an early age that she wanted to speak as many languages as possible and travel the world. As she neared the end of high school, she had to decide what she wanted to do with her life. Her parents, although not wealthy, were very supportive of her and took out a loan so that she could attend the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Here she decided that she wanted to take English so that she could work in tourism eventually.

Luciana had learnt some English in high school, but struggled quite a bit when she took English as a major at university. But she was not to be discouraged and she took it upon herself to improve her English level. Apart from her studies, she also enrolled in extra English night classes at a small English school in her neighbourhood. She took these classes very seriously and religiously did all her assignments and homework, in addition to the heavy work load she had from her degree. She made a point of only watching television in English, and when she had the time, treated herself to an English film in the cinema. Slowly but surely Luciana’s English level improved, and by her third year of university, she felt confident speaking, reading and writing English. But Luciana was not completely satisfied. She wanted to be fluent in English and this is when she started thinking about an English immersion programme abroad.

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