Today we see the final part of the story of an Oxford English Academy student. Luciana had finally found an English school that she felt would be a good institution for her to learn English at. She liked the look of the city and the school and decided to put Oxford English Academy to the final test. She was going to contact them directly to see how they treated potential students and if they would be able to answer all her questions.

She thought emailing them would be the easiest option, but when she went onto the website she saw that they had a chat option available. She was very impressed and started chatting to the school’s agent. She found them to be polite, helpful and knowledgeable. She ask them many, many questions and all were answered to her satisfaction. In addition she was given valuable advice as to which course would be most beneficial to her and when would be the best time for her to visit Cape Town. She was very happy with what she heard and decided that Oxford English Academy in Cape Town would be the perfect schools for her.

Luciana went back to the language travel agent and told him of her decision. He then proceeded to organise the rest of her trip for her and she felt confident that she had made the correct choice. In addition, Oxford English Academy was running a special and she even received two free weeks of studies!

When the day arrived for Luciana to fly to Cape Town, she was so excited. She knew that she was going to have an amazing time and that she would be happy at the school and in the city. She knew that she would meet many new friends, would improve her English to a level that she wanted and would make memories to last her a lifetime. As she stepped onto the plane, she looked back at Rio and knew that her life would never be the same again. Onward and upwards!