Today we continue the story of Luciana from Brazil. As I mentioned in my previous post, she wanted to perfect her English and therefore decided to look for an immersion English programme abroad.

When Luciana began investigating her options, she was faced with many, many countries to choose from. She saw English schools in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Ireland, South Africa and England. She felt very overwhelmed by her choices and therefore decided to visit a language travel agent. She found a few agencies online and checked out their social media profiles until she found one that she was comfortable with. Then she gave them a call and made an appointment to see them.

Luciana was as prepared for her meeting with the agency as she had been previously for her university interview. She had a list of questions ready to ask the councillor and ticked them off one by one to make sure nothing was left out. The councillor was very helpful and gave Luciana a number of good options in America, England and South Africa. He answered all her questions thoroughly and fully and by the end of the 30 minute meeting, Luciana had two schools that she wanted to investigate herself. She went home and started looking online for what she could find out about each school and the cities they were situated in.

Luciana first started looking at a school that was in California because she had always dreamt of visiting the US. The school had a fantastic website and many likes on its Facebook page. It was a well-known and established franchise and had interesting courses that appealed to her. California looked like a wonderful place full of beaches, restaurant, theatres, beautiful people and sunshine. But as she investigated further, she saw that there were very few testimonials from past students and that people had even written a few bad reviews on forums. In addition, the school’s accommodation was far from the school and very expensive. She had to make the most of her time so decide to continue her investigation into other schools and countries.