I usually like giving the illusion that I get up to a lot and do a lot of things even though my weekdays are spent with me questioning whether to shower or not. This weekend my sisters decided that we should go to Camps Bay. The reason I’m not including myself in this decision is because if you are aware of my highly perspiring skin you would know that exposing it to the clingy sands of the beach is not a good idea. However, I had already showered so I thought why not. It turned out I was having a great time considering that I was covered in sand and that the beach was a bit crowded.

I have to say the city of Cape Town during the holiday season is just a marvel to look at. I don’t know whether it was the French woman asking us in her distinct accent to look after her things while she went swimming or if it was the brown paper bag with cold drinks we were having or the beautiful backdrop of the mountains. This was probably the reason why 5 hours were able to pass without me even noticing. Another reason might also be due my eavesdropping, as listening to a lot of conversations in a lot of different languages excited me. But not as much as seeing kids from different parts of the world instruct each other on how to build a sand castle in English. Afterwards we decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream at Addictions. The name by the way is precise, their ice cream would ruin your life as it is so addictive. However, you can always console yourself by having their sugar free options which fed my delusion that I’m being health conscious even though three weekends in a row I have gone out for ice cream.