Things that are dear to my heart, besides my family and the loft I dream of owning in Woodstock or Maboneng Precinct, are food and traveling. I haven’t travelled outside the country but it is something I’m definitely going to pursue this year. So when I was in Pietermaritzburg I realized that people don’t really appreciate the place for what it is. It is a tight knit city that hasn’t been explored as much as it has been knocked. This is why I planned what I call A foodie’s tour of Pietermaritzburg (PMB). For years I have listened to people slander this city without even giving it a chance, which is why I have decided to use my last cents of my student budget to try and remind people why PMB is called the city of choice. Over the course of this year and the following year I will be going on a foodie’s tour of Pietermaritzburg. Bare in mind that I have no car, I will be attempting to go to 50 restaurants and reviewing the rankings that have been done by tripadvisor. The first restaurant I went to was tea on 23 and surprisingly it is 23/61 on the restaurants to go to in PMB. It is really sad to have to say something bad about a tranquil place as this but the ambiance and food will outshine the bad comments. Nestled in the tiny suburb of Scottsville is a beautiful garden restaurant with peacocks, chickens and dogs running around. This is a breath of fresh air as most people are overwhelmed by the number of students around the area. The setting of the restaurant is impeccable as they pay attention to detail with the tiny matching kiddies tables and jungle gym. They will also provide you with insect repellent because well it is in a garden. Run by experienced restaurant owners, you will not be disappointed with their food. I went over board on the chocolate brownies with generous amounts of chocolate. They also take into account that there are a lot of students in the area with their affordable prices. My only problem is that because it is in such a small community, service does come easy to the regulars. However, this could always be fixed by visiting the place more often.