I have to say for me life just got real. I remember when I started my first blog in my last year of high school and all I was thinking was “this was going to get me tons of cool points in varsity”. It didn’t. I don’t know if it was because a few people already had blogs or my content just wasn’t right. I mainly think it was the inconsistency in posting. Yes I used to blog about being late for lectures and opting not to shower, but still, I think had I posted as often my blog would have been something. After that I started a new blog but two posts in I lost interest. My recent blog is a bit close to home because it’s a cooking blog but lately I find myself getting reminders from my sister’s friends to post. What made me realize that maybe I wasn’t trying as hard as should was when I started blogging for Oxford English Academy. I’m still adjusting to the professional life, having deadlines and not disappointing your boss. I kind of like it, I haven’t grown in a level that I’m handing in work efficiently or before the deadline but I feel like it’s coming. Even though I don’t get how some people could freelance for more than 1 let alone 2 places, but I guess that’s where you separate first timers and “professionals”. What writing frequently has made me realize is that I might just have an interesting life, even though at times I’m scared that my writing might become monotonous. I don’t know if that just means I’m finding my voice or I’m just re-telling stories, which I am. I’m just telling stories with the hope that someone is finding any of them interesting.