Learning a new language usually will start with learning to say a few words . Writing and accurate grammar tends to come a little later. Of course, you will be listening from the start to recognise words. So as a beginner, how do you start speaking English? Here are 7 conversations to start English speaking for beginners.

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1- Introduce yourself

When you start speaking English, learn how to introduce yourself. Basic phrases such as: “Hello, my name is John.” Also, learn to ask after a person’s name as well. “What is your name?”

2 – Pleasantries

A guide to English speaking for any beginner would be to learn “Please” and “Thank you”. These words can be described as magic! Add that to any sentence and you will be guaranteed a positive response.

3 – Sharing personal information

Practise and memorise a few basic questions and answers about yourself and how to ask others. Asking a person where they are from and being able to answer will help start any conversation. English speaking for beginners will consist of a lot of questions and answers.

4 – In a shop

Learn to ask basic questions in English for when you go shopping. Simple questions like:” How much is this?” Spend some time before that acquaint yourself with English numbering, but remember you can also use your phone or your fingers!

5 – In a restaurant

Phrases like:” I would like to have the …” will help you a lot when ordering food. “May I please have…” will go a long way to getting you your favourite meal.

6 – Telling time

You may want to start off learning easy indications of time such as morning, afternoon, evening, and night time. This will help you orientate yourself and also come in handy when you learn greetings such as good morning or good evening.

7 – Directions

Asking for directions can be daunting! Learn the general vocabulary for direction first. Left and right should be able to get you places in no time. Add to this your knowledge of English numbers and you will find your way easily.

Spend some time every day learning and expanding these 7 conversations and you will see a huge improvement in you English speaking. Watch the videos on the British Council website. It offers some great assistance for English Speaking at beginner level.