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When learning to speak English, you will see that there are many words and combinations of words. It can be scary and overwhelming. And it may seem daunting and impossible, but the best idea is to memorise words that are useful to you. I suggest creating your own personal dictionary where you record such words and phrases. Don’t forget to add in the context that you might use the word in. You should also add their translation into your language and their pronunciation. Lastly add in other words and phrases that are similar or related. Below are 5 expressions you might find useful when trying to start a conversation

Learning to speak English is easy when you have a lot of fixed phrases to help you. Start a conversation with these phrases and practise your English with a native English speaker. You'll be speaking English fluently in no time!

Learning to Speak English with Impersonal Ways to Start a Conversation

Long time no see is used when you haven’t seen someone, usually a friend, colleague or acquaintance, for quite a long time. It can be used as a greeting and can get a conversation started nicely as the person you are speaking to will most certainly tell you what they’ve been doing.

2.  Talking about the weather is always a good way to start a conversation as it is relevant to everybody. Nice weather we’re having or It looks like it’s going to rain can be used to start a conversation with a stranger.

Learning to Speak English with personal Ways to Start a Conversation

3.  Asking about someone’s family is usually best saved for someone you know fairly well. There might be uncomfortable circumstances or private news that someone would not like to share with a stranger. You can say How’s your family? or How’s your mother/brother/husband getting on?  

4.  Asking about the weekend is generally used with colleagues and acquaintances. You can say Do you have plans for the weekend? or How was your weekend?

5.  So, where are you from? is a great way to get the ball rolling with a stranger because so much can be spoken about in terms of travel, food and culture. But remember when trying to initiate a conversation, always remain neutral and positive. If you are trying to make friends, it’s best to leave your biases at the door!

Starting a conversation in a language that isn’t your home language takes courage. But rest assured, the rewards are great as you make new friends and get to practise your English. And don’t forget that you can learn English in Oxford or Cape Town. In these sought after destination you’ll find Oxford English Academy. And this English school will help you to confidently speak English to anybody.