Lights, Camera, Action.

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I was inspired yesterday to write a blog about films because; as I was riding home I noticed that there was an unusual amount of white trucks parked by the library in Sea Point, Cape Town. Essentially our libraries don’t function like those in the Northern hemisphere; sadly many of them don’t function at all. While the one in Sea Point is functional, I wouldn’t say it isn’t a hive of activity by any means, again I must say; sadly.

So when I cycled past and saw people standing around, an epic collection of old school classic cars and cables running all over the floor, it is an understatement to say I was very excited and incredibly intrigued as to what was going on.

It is not uncommon in Cape Town to see big movie shoots going on. Many music videos are shot here as well as TV ads that get used all across the globe. If you have ever been to Cape Town it is easy to understand why.

In terms of big Hollywood productions, we have put our stamp on many of those too. Following is a list of some of the top films that have been made in Cape Town;

–  Invictus, with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. This one really shows off some of the natural beauty as well as the famous Robben Island.

Blood Diamond. Although it’s about the situation in Sierra Leone, there is great scene towards the end where Jennifer Connelly is talking on the phone at the V&A Waterfront; A tourist hot spot in Cape Town.

Safe House, with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds shows off the reality of life in Cape Town. The cameras take you through the streets of the Town centre and show off the view from De Waal drive on the side of Table Mountain. You even get to see Denzel Washington dressed up like a South African Police Officer.

There are many others and it is wonderful to see how the country has grown in leaps and bounds both locally and internationally.

Back to the library in Sea Point to round things off. I was lucky enough to watch Johnny Knoxville doing his thing for a new movie, which will either be called Boogie Mountain or Action Park about a water park in New Jersey. Coming to Cape Town might give you an opportunity to spot someone famous too.

Next week I will keep with the theme and discuss how movies can help to improve your English and provide some tips on how to make the most out of show time.