Learning and Oxford. No better pair


Learning is a challenge. Especially learning a completely new language. The process requires a lot of thought and fortunately we have history to help us with moving forward. A place that is unanimous with learning is Oxford in England.

Home to the oldest University in the English-Speaking World and famous, in its own right, for education on whole. If learning is something you are after, and more specifically learning English, then perhaps Oxford is where you need to be.

With education at the forefront of development in the town, Oxford has grown on the foundations of learning. There are no specific dates for when the University was founded, however learning is dated in the area all the way back to the year 1096. Carrying on from what was started almost 1000 years ago, Oxford English Academy is built on those foundations of learning. We take pride in the history of the Oxford and everything it stands for and make sure that we encapsulate those principles in what we do every day at Oxford English Academy. Our blog is full of tips and ideas to make the learning process easier.

Oxford English Academy has campuses around the world and that means that you may not have to travel all the way to Oxford in England to get your taste of the history of learning. We have a campus in the beautiful Cape Town in South Africa for example and a quick search on our site will show you all our campuses and once you choose, you allow us to bring a bit of that Oxford history to you.

So don’t take it from us, take it from history when we tell you that the best place to learn is Oxford and the best place to learn English is oxford English Academy.