Why learn English? And why in Oxford?


The world we live in today is becoming smaller and smaller. Travelling is cheaper and easier; the internet has been probably the biggest game changer since the invention of the wheel! So why bother to learn a new language when you have things such as Google Translate at your fingertips? And furthermore, why travel all the way to Oxford to do so?

An important reason I would say is the fact that it is the language of various industries such as aviation, tourism and of course computers! In fact, it is deemed the language of the internet.

According to Experience English, “English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English!”

Once you have mastered the language your job prospects are set to increase as well. It may be that you are considered for a promotion or that you are chosen for a position that includes travel!

Now to address my second question: Why travel all the way to Oxford to our school?

Well a few simple reasons come to mind, firstly being that of course England is the so-called birthplace of, yes, you’ve guessed it, English! Oxford is known as an historical, educational hub, not only of the United Kingdom but internationally.

Our school is located just outside the city centre, offering you the excitement of being in this world-famous city, yet also giving you a taste of real English suburban life.

Full immersion into an English-speaking country has proven time and time again to be the most sufficient and enriching way to learn. Our school will place you with a family who will soon become your family. You will learn about English ways, English culture, food and daily life while you are taught the language at school.

Amongst all the English language schools in Oxford we can truthfully boast with the fact that your host family will be within walking distance to the school. No tedious bus rides in traffic, having to get up super early or getting home late. We offer you the comfort of living close to the school as well as close to all amenities.

Based on the reasons above I would say, don’t hesitate, book soon and get packing! Your English learning experience awaits you at our school in Oxford, and after that who knows what else the world will have to offer you.