Learn English in Cape Town for Many Reasons

Learn English in Cape Town because you will get more than just an education. A lot of people think about England and America when it comes to learning English. Rising up on the map of global competitors for English-learning capitals, however, is Cape Town, South Africa.

Learn English in Cape Town with Oxford English Academy. The city is modern and old, has African flare, great activities and wonderful friendly people.

Why Learn English in Cape Town?

Cape Town is a city full of history. So many different forces carved out the city and this has left its mark. Not only in a physical sense, but also in the realm of language. English is one of 11 official languages and is taught as a first language in all schools. (There will be some schools in rural areas where you may find English not being taught as the first language but this will mainly be due to its remote location.)

Cape Town is a city that is old and modern at the same time. Because of this you will hear many different accents in the city. If you are after the most authentic English language learning experience, then Cape Town is your best choice. 

Is Cape Town as good as England or America?

In my opinion, it is far better. My opinion, however, is most likely biased because I am South African. But South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town, has a certain charm that you can only get in a place with so much influence. In terms of the schools, Oxford English Academy is ASIC accredited. This means that it is of the same standard that you would find in the UK and around the World. The ESL industry is Strict standards govern the ESL industry. And the ESL industry in Cape Town is no exception.

In terms of the city, there is a range of different shops, coffee shops, bars and restaurants to enjoy. You will feel an African flair at many of the markets, such as at Greenmarket Square. And you will find that the people are probably the nicest in the world.

Should I learn English in Cape Town?

Yes, you should. And you should come to Oxford English Academy. The city is a hive of students, foreign and local. There is so much to do and of course you will be living in a city where the first language is English. This means you can practise your English all the time. You will get full immersion into the world of English.