Language School Oxford

Language School Oxford helps you to learn English. I have mentioned before in blog posts about the benefit of travelling to learn English. I have also written a post about how amazing it is to learn English in a city such as Oxford. Today the blog post will be about just why we have an English school in Oxford. 

Language School Oxford will have you speaking English in no time. Full immersion in English at Oxford English Academy in Oxford, England.


Language school in Oxford. Why?

England is the birthplace of the English language, hence the name. Oxford, it can be argued, is the birthplace of modern education as we know it today. Things may have changed a lot over the years and the way we learn now is far removed from what was going on 1000 years ago. What hasn’t changed though is the importance of location. Being in the right place when you are learning is critical.

Oxford English Academy in Oxford.

Immersing yourself in a language is, hands down, the best way to go when learning. There is nothing better than having practice on your doorstep and everywhere you turn. Oxford is full of people learning, not only English, but almost everything under the sun. You find yourself surrounded by like-minded people all learning and expanding their horizons and it inspires you to push your boundaries. Location is everything. Use these 5 phrases to make friends while you are there.

The teachers.

If you want to learn English then your teacher should speak English. And what’s better than if they are English too. At Oxford our teachers are from around the corner. They have lived English life, they have English stories to tell and this will be passed on to you during your stay. You may even leave a little English once you’re done. Don’t forget your tea. 

Oxford English Academy has schools all over but why not take yourself to where it all began, English that is. Take a step in the right direction and join us at Oxford English Academy in Oxford – The best language school in Oxford by far.