Immersion English

The English language, despite being the number one foreign language to learn, is in fact particularly difficult to learn. So why is it that some people are more successful at it than others?

First of all, let’s answer the question why English is so difficult to learn? One of the big reasons is that just when you think you have learnt all the English grammar rules and are getting to know the language well, you will suddenly start to encounter exceptions to the ‘rule’. This has certainly been true in my experience.

So what is the best way to learn English? Many people take a language course and some even choose to go to an English speaking destination like South Africa or England to study. This is a great way to really immerse yourself in the language and its culture. This means you have to live, breath, talk, think and speak English.

One of the exciting things about immersion is that you have to do things like buy something from a shop or deal with other people who will only speak English to you. In as little as one week you will be speaking in broken English and in six months to a year immersing yourself fully in English conversation, you will be speaking English like the locals.

Why does immersion work? The answer is simple: you are forced to think and speak in another language without anyone helping you to translate. English immersion works wonders and even if you are not able to visit and study English abroad and you do not know many people who speak English, you should expose yourself to as many English speakers as possible, use the internet, watch movies and read books. All these activities will help you to see how English grammar works naturally plus you will learn a lot of new words.

In the end though, I still believe the secret to success is getting out there and immersing yourself in English in an English speaking country. Oxford English Academy in Cape Town or Oxford are both fantastic choices for English schools. You will receive top-class English tuition in small classes, given by highly qualified native English teachers. So contact us today and take the first step towards being a fluent English speaker!