English Courses in Cape Town

English courses in Cape Town are a great choice for those looking to learn English abroad. In my previous blog post, I briefly discussed the biggest countries for learning English in the Northern hemisphere. We looked at the industry leaders, namely the USA, UK and let’s not forget Canada.

English courses in Cape Town are great for those looking to learn English. When choosing a school in the Southern Hemisphere, choose Oxford English Academy.

English Courses in the Southern Hemisphere

When looking at the Southern hemisphere there are a few countries that spring to mind immediately. Firstly there is  Australia and secondly there is New Zealand. According to a student survey done in the ST Magazine  44% of students who travel abroad to Australia come from Asia. One can understand that geographically this is a sensible choice. The main reason is that for most students Australia is just too far. Latin American students make up 24% of the market. The majority indicated that current or future work is their reason for wanting to learn and improve the English.

English Courses in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand tends to be in the shadow of its bigger sibling Australia. But don’t overlook it as a serious English learning destination. Similar to the Australian market, it is generally made up of Asian students. According to ST Magazine: “The highest growth by sector came from English language schools, which welcomed an additional 2,532 visa students – a 16 per cent increase. There was significant growth in language students from Japan (+17%), China (27%), Thailand (32%) and Brazil (16%). Japan remains the largest source market for New Zealand’s ELT schools, and ENZ said that the growth could reflect Japanese government initiatives to improve English language skills and promote overseas study and New Zealand activity in the market.”

English Courses in Cape Town

South Africa has experienced a lot of visa issues in the last two years. This has meant that students could not apply for more than a 90 day tourist visa. This played havoc with the English language learning sector. English language schools in Cape Town certainly have our work cut out for us in order to start competing globally. Agents and students need to be made aware of what an incredible destination it is and all it has to offer. Firstly I have found that students tend to be a little skeptical about learning English in an African country. However, I do believe that slowly but surely the mind set will change and once you add in the affordability of our country, we have a winning recipe. Next time let’s look at how exactly it happened that we are a native English speaking country.