Easy English Phrases for making friends


Arriving in a new country, possibly all on your own, can be quite daunting! The best way to feel right at home would be through making new friends. When you come to study English at Oxford English Academy you will not be the alone one, many other students will be in the same boat. Here are a few quick and easy English phrases to help you on your way to forming new and perhaps lasting friendships.

“Good morning, how are you?” – Asking after someone’s wellbeing is always a great place to start. You will most certainly be asked how you are and rather than saying: “Fine”, why not give an open and honest answer. Perhaps mention that you are a little overwhelmed by being in a new country. I can guarantee you that your fellow classmates will agree and a conversation of sorts will start.

“Where are you from?” – What a better place to start than having someone tell you all about their home country and hometown. We all like to talk about where we live and how it differs from where you find yourself now.

“Are you having a good day?” – You never know, someone might need a friend just as much as you do. They might be having a tough day and if you ask they may just need someone to talk to. It may not always be easy to do so in English, but what a great way for you both to practise!

“Let’s have coffee.” – Coffee is possibly the best “friend maker” in the world! Take a stroll with your new friend and get to know each other over a warm cup. Take note of how your companion drinks their coffee and next time mention it when you order. It will definitely impress your friend and make them feel super special.

At the end of the day everyone likes to feel special and will appreciate a little attention when they are possibly feeling a little out of sorts. Practise these easy English phrases and you are sure to have many new friends in no time!