Basically, Basic English is basic.


It is commonly accepted that one should have a basic understanding of basic English these days. A basic understanding of a few phrases that will be necessary for getting around. Whether you are a frequent traveller or just someone that browses the internet and enjoys a good film and a cup of tea, a basic level of English just might help you.

So, what is a basic understanding of English? Well this question doesn’t really have a definitive answer as there are varying levels of ‘basic’ for just about everything. A ‘basic’ mode of transport in the desert may be a camel, but a ‘basic’ mode of transport in a city will most likely be a scooter or small car. So, you see it is not so easy to say just what ‘basic’ means exactly.

However, for the sake of our readers, we will try to do exactly that.

If you are keen to travel the world (and if you have the time and the money), you may find it very useful to have a few English words in your vocabulary bank. For example, most air travel is done in English, and booking online is made a lot simpler if you are able to understand where, when and what exactly you are booking, before entering your credit card details.

This level of English could be considered as ‘basic’ but if you spend a bit of time mastering the vocab around travel you may find that your level is probably above ‘basic’ understanding.

So now you tell me you don’t want to travel, or can’t, and therefore you don’t need English. Well what about the untold amounts of information that is published in English, the internet is practically in English, most modern (and popular) entertainment is in English (movies, music and television)Looking at that it would be hard to say that English is not going to be even a little bit beneficial towards understanding all of that.

Basically, what we’re saying is that English is beneficial, whichever way you look at it. If you are struggling to get to grips with some basic English phrases and vocabulary, why not try a Basic English course at Oxford English Academy – We’re Worldwide and online.