How to make the most of your English course at Oxford English Academy


Signing up to learn a new language is a big decision. On a daily basis, we deal with students at Oxford English Academy who have many questions about their course before they arrive. Ultimately, students do not have endless amounts of time to learn how to read, write, speak and understand English. Our approach at Oxford English Academy is communicative and involves a blended learning curriculum. You will be provided with pre-course materials on our new online learning platform. (Watch this space!)

There are however, a few tips I’d like to give you to ensure that you make the most of your time at our school and get the most out of your English course.

Listen, listen, listen! Before you arrive, start watching movies and series in English. You can set the subtitles to your home language at first to give you a little more understanding. Hearing the language, you are wanting to learn as much as possible will help you adapt more easily when you arrive at Oxford English Academy.

You can also get the upper hand on your first day on the course by downloading an English App on your phone. This will provide you with some practise and basic vocabulary before you set foot in class.

Once you have started your course you will still need to put in a little extra work if you want to maximise your time at Oxford English Academy. Try to take a few new words from your lesson every day and practise them in real life situations. Step outside the classroom, head to the nearest shop or even our reception area and practise the words and phrases you have learnt. Repetition is the best way to lock new information into your memory.

While you are practising why not make friends with one of your classmates, preferably not from your home country, and start chatting to each other. As you are both on the course for the same reason, you can relax and test your new vocabulary out on each other. Then when you are feeling a little more confident head out and make friends with someone in a higher level than you.

The best advice I can give you while you are on your course at Oxford English Academy: Immerse yourself fully! Live, eat, breath and sing English every hour of every day and eventually you will be dreaming in English! Here’s to making that dream come true!!